Plasma 5.16 Mostly Stock

You know you love that Breeze goodness!


I do but I haven’t tried Manjaro is a long time. Maybe I need to give it a whirl

Do you have any issues with 5.16.2? It seems pretty rock solid to me but I think some of the defaults need to be tweaked.

They keep changing the defaults. Kind of drives me nuts. For instance, they changed the default to show windows from all desktops in window manager to only current desktop. Small setting but annoying because it took me a little while to figure out what was going on. Other than those kinds of things, all is well.

I saw that. Also, by default, critical notifications don’t auto disappear. I am working on figuring out where all these config bits are stored locally vs defaults stored on root. I ALSO believe that all the defaults went a little wonky on the update because something changed in how or where those were handled.

I don’t remember all of the changes but they did overhaul the notifications in the new release so with all of the good things it’s likely there will be a few snags. I so have to get back to plasma!

Plasma will treat you right. The new features are nice. Use 5.16 for a while and then try using 5.14.5 that’s included with Buster. I definitely miss the new additions when they aren’t there.

Breeze is great! It shows GNOME how a default theme should be! :smiley:

My Plasma 5.16.2 on an Arcolinux-Plasma build. I had used the KDE 3.xx series in Mandrake Linux years ago and then 4.xx in Kubuntu for a while until it go too buggy for some reason. Back to Plasma 5.xx and it’s stable and functional enough to draw me away from Cinnamon. (Hope I’m doing this correctly.)

Very nice. Clean. I was in the same boat. KDE 4 was always a problem for me as were the early days of 5. I was using Cinnamon quite a bit then as well. The Plasma team have done a great job of smoothing out the rough edges in recent years. This is especially true of the work Nate Graham has been doing and posting about on

Thanks I’ve added that blog to my RSS feeds!

We should do a post with everyone’s favourite news/blogs!

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