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So @Zeb is always singing the praises of Peppermint Linux so I took a look at the iso tonight as I have a box of smaller flash drives that will no longer hold a Mint iso but are big enough for Peppermint which is also still available in 32bit. The plan is to burn the iso to these to give them away at OggCamp allong with a bunch of Mint 19.2 drives. So I downloaded both iso’s and decided to see if I could install the 32bit iso onto the internal SSD on an ‘OLD’ Acer Aspire One Net-Book which only has a 8Gb SSD. This is currently running MX18.3 on a 16Gb USB3 micro flash drive which runs well but I wanted to see if I could get a current distro onto the internal drive. I booted the iso and chose to do the minimal install to save space and after configuring the install and pointing it at the internal drive I started the install expecting to be told there was not enough space, well low an behold I didn’t and the install process started. I was taken through setting up a user and password and the install began, very slowly, I’m writing this and it’s still copying files so I’ll end here and do a follow up of the result after the install is complete.

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Hi Tony,

nice one

Minimal install does nothing on Peppermint (not configured to do anything) as it is very frugal anyway.

Full install should be a tad under 5Gb.

Best of Luck

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Well it did install although as you might expect on this hardware it’s not exactly fast, it will be interesting to do the same experiment on the USB3 drive and if that makes a difference to the speed of things. But it does show the benefit of still keeping 32Bit operating systems going. I think I will have a play with a view to a future review on Distrohoppers Digest, but on something a little bit more up to date, well dual core with 4Gb Ram as a starting point. Oh and keeping the iso bellow 2Gb is also a bonus, I’ll have a few free USB drives with the 64Bit version as giveaways during OggCamp :rofl:

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