Ordered my 2700x

So I finally went ahead and bought my parts.

I’m going to reuse my case and Nvidia GTX 970 video card. I just need to update the base and can go from there. Parts should be here next week at some point. :+1:


That is excellent! You will enjoy it for sure.

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great system , you gonna have a lot of fun.

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Nice, just in time for your Gentoo install with Serge. I will let him know :grinning:

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Slackware should fly on there too! Serge would be happy to go through that again with you I am sure. :wink:


I think I’ll leave that subject in your capable hands. :wink::+1:

Be bold…Linux From Scratch


I am wondering about the Ryzen 5 3600. I like that maxs out at 65W and runs about as fast as the 2700X

it’s a great cpu I got it a little while ago and stuck it into my gaming machine it’s works wonderfully for everything this machine does (1080p gaming + light video audio and photo editing , media…)