October Desktop's - Showoff your spooky scary and bizarre desktop creations


Meh! Halloween, that’s an American thing

Technically it’s a Catholic Holiday being All Hallow’s Eve but that’s getting religious LOL

Yes, but Americans go overboard, trick or treat, decorations and all that. I know some over her have a party (often a fancy dress affair) but on the whole much lower key, I ignore it entirely. There may be the odd trick or treating, because kids have seen it on TV, but generally not much - and I certainly wouldn’t open the door to it and most of the people I know wouldn’t either. Perhaps we’re just miserable old curmudgeons.

It’s pretty much dead here. My cat won’t even knock on the door

Is that the Debian logo?


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i didnt notice it but cooincidence? I think so lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually did some research on this last year and was fascinated with the Irish tradition of making Jack-o’-lanterns out of turnips. Not saying it’s “Halloween” but the idea that Jack-o’-lanterns have their roots in Irish tradition (see what I did there…turnips…roots) is interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack-o’-lantern#Origin

I think the Scots also did the turnip lantern thing and kids would go “guising” which probably matchws Trick or Treat.

This is pretty educational for a screenshot thread. :+1:

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Sometimes detours are more interesting that the highways…

OK, I was possibly a bit harsh, feeling grumpy the other day, sigh.

Anyway, I was looking for a wallpaper for an re-install of EndeavourOS and chose this one… does this look seasonal and spooky enough?

nice yeah the clouds add to the feel :slight_smile:

what scary about this you might ask… Well its Arch with the deepin desktop :rofl:

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I live in a community with lots of kid. Sometimes I thnik they inport extras for Halloween. I do enjoy seeing them come to the door in costume, just for some candy.

There are a lot of kids in the complex we live in and the apartment office used to be the central point for candy delivery since they didn’t want people going apartment to apartment but now a days most don’t go trick or treating as much, they go to church events and on other days. But it was fun to see the creative costumes when they did come. Sad that the office doesn’t host it anymore.

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