October Desktop's - Showoff your spooky scary and bizarre desktop creations

Meh! Halloween, that’s an American thing

Technically it’s a Catholic Holiday being All Hallow’s Eve but that’s getting religious LOL

Yes, but Americans go overboard, trick or treat, decorations and all that. I know some over her have a party (often a fancy dress affair) but on the whole much lower key, I ignore it entirely. There may be the odd trick or treating, because kids have seen it on TV, but generally not much - and I certainly wouldn’t open the door to it and most of the people I know wouldn’t either. Perhaps we’re just miserable old curmudgeons.

It’s pretty much dead here. My cat won’t even knock on the door

Is that the Debian logo?


i didnt notice it but cooincidence? I think so lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually did some research on this last year and was fascinated with the Irish tradition of making Jack-o’-lanterns out of turnips. Not saying it’s “Halloween” but the idea that Jack-o’-lanterns have their roots in Irish tradition (see what I did there…turnips…roots) is interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack-o’-lantern#Origin

I think the Scots also did the turnip lantern thing and kids would go “guising” which probably matchws Trick or Treat.

This is pretty educational for a screenshot thread. :+1:

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Sometimes detours are more interesting that the highways…

OK, I was possibly a bit harsh, feeling grumpy the other day, sigh.

Anyway, I was looking for a wallpaper for an re-install of EndeavourOS and chose this one… does this look seasonal and spooky enough?

nice yeah the clouds add to the feel :slight_smile:

what scary about this you might ask… Well its Arch with the deepin desktop :rofl:

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