New Website is Live

Hello all. I was able to get the new website completed and have just put it in place at If you wouldn’t mind, please take a look and let me know if you see any issues, have any questions, concerns or other feedback. I hope everyone enjoys the changes and that it helps our community.

Also, most of the community pictures are screen captures. If you don’t like your picture or want to provide something else just let us know.


Nice job!!!


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One teent tny thing… for the time of the European Edition of BDLL, how about giving the GMT, CET times? I know most Europeans aren’t thick and can add 5 or 6 hours to EST but…


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Given that Eastern Time changes twice a year, is there a good way for me to accurately tell what GMT is at any given point? This always seems to be a point of some confusion. Yes, I’m a goofy American who gets confused by complicated things like international time zones and daylight saving time. :wink:

For now, I just added GMT -4 to that line. Does that make sense?

Superb work Eric!

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It seems like a big leap but blends in with the linux websites we see nowadays, like Lubuntu or Ubuntu Budgie’s website.

Mazel tov.

I guess UTC would be constant. GMT is the same as UTC, BST (British Summer Time) is the +1 hour, daylight saving time.

CET (Central European Time) is UTC+1, and in summer there’s CEST Central European Summer Time (UTC+2).

EET (Eastern European Time) is UTC+2

At present most, if not all, European countries do the daylight savings time thing on the same days (no promises post BREXIT - the UK seems to be going from “eccentric” to “insane” so all bets are off).

Eastern Standard Time (EST), UTC-5, and what you Americans do for summer, daylight saving, or whatever, is a mystery to me. but you seem to do daylight saving thing out of sync with Europe _ assume there’s a good reason for it.

Hmm, use UTC and let everyone figure rest themselves… I mean Linux manages to keep the times straight and we all use Linux don’t we?

Good luck

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Great job!

so this happened


@EricAdams first, thanks for your work on this website. I love that our community has such an awesome home on the Internet. This is probably just my brain and what I like, but the original site had a direct link to the Discourse forum and I miss that. I do appreciate the links to all of the discussion portals at the top of the “Community” page, but I feel like most of those I don’t come to the home page first. If I’m going to the channel in Telegram I open the app on the desktop or on my phone. If I’m going to Discord again I open the app. However, if I’m going to Discourse, I open a web browser, and depending on which computer I happen to be on a quick search brings me to the main page and then I need two more clicks to get to the Discourse forum. I have created a bookmark directly to the Discourse Forum in Firefox so this is partially fixed for me personally, but I thought I would offer my feedback. But once again, Wow! This is Awesome!

This was the real jackpot!

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Good feedback. I always try to make it as easy as possible to get to the essential things by way of pervasive navigation. I think I tend to overdo it at times but that said, the second vertical block on the home page has links for the various community areas, including Discourse (see below). Just curious if you didn’t see it because it’s too far down the page? Or are all the orange elements too similar to stand out? Thanks for taking the time to respond. It certainly helps me quite a bit so I appreciate it!


what about putting them under Community as a drop down, on hover ?

I added it to the staging site (see below). If people like it I can add it to the main site. Any thoughts @mowest?


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I would appreciate that change @EricAdams. It would accomplish what I hoped for, a single click from the main site to Discourse. Since you introduced that, I wonder if you could clean up the top bar with another drop down “Shows” with Subpages “BDLL”, “Linux Spotlight”, “Tutorials”. Sorry, when asked for my opinion, I guess I can’t stop :slight_smile:

I’ll get this in place at some point.

I try not to do sub-menus unless I have to. It’s bad for discoverability and can be really annoying for mobile users. It’s usually a necessary evil on complex sites however you can have secondary navigation that lives on those pages. It comes down to trying to find the balance between usability and convenience which isn’t always easy.

And whatever you do someone won’t like it and will complain, or have an alternative “bright idea”… good luck :smile:

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