New Podcast - DLN Xtend

I hope you’ll allow me a bit of shameless self-promotion but CubicleNate and I have just started a new podcast called DLN Xtend where we look back at this week’s Destination Linux Network shows. It’s really just two friends talking about Linux, which we love to do anyway. Why not record it, right? Hopefully it’s something you will enjoy listening to. We will be trying to get new shows out each Friday and will keep them around 30 minutes. We welcome any feedback or ideas you have for topics, segments or whatever else you can think of. Thanks for listening!


So far so good. episode 0 was a good start, episode 1 maintains that start… it hasn’t sent me to sleep yet. :grin:

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Perhaps not the most rousing endorsement but I’ll take it! :grin:

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I have to admit, that I love this new show for the following reasons:

  1. You both speak at a speed that I believe Noah and Michael could learn to emulate.
  2. I appreciate audio only. When a podcast offers both, the presenters will forget at times to explain what they are seeing to the audio only audience. Since I tend to listen to podcasts on walks, doing the dishes, or driving I appreciate the audio only format.
  3. I appreciate podcasts that try to stay below an hour, it just works better to fit the podcast into my day.
  4. You two guys are just super nice guys so I enjoy having you in my ears during the week.

I can easily see DLN Xtend becoming one of my top 5 “must listen to each week” podcasts.

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Hey, if you knew just how many times I’ve ended up falling asleep to podcasts at 2am and had to relisten the following day you would take it as a compliment.

Signed : Your friendly neighbourhood insomniac

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