Netrunner - Oct 19 and Oct 26

The next distro challenge is Netrunner, a KDE Plasma focused distribution. Netrunner and various parts of the KDE Plasma project are sponsored by Blue Systems. The current Netrunner 19.08 “Indigo” release was made available on August 20 of this year.

Netrunner includes many day-to-day applications, is available as a fixed release based on Debian Stable and includes a Core Version for minimal installation on microcomputers like ARM-boards.

NOTE: There had also been a rolling release based on Manjaro however they recently decided to discontinue that release due to Manjaro recently announcing their future plans which BlueSystems is a part of.

[Download Netrunner]

Debian Stable vs Testing

If you prefer a more up-to-date system than what Debian Stable provides, you can enable Debian Testing instead. See here for instructions.

As always, please contribute any tips, tricks and experiences you’ve had while testing to this thread. :+1:

Joy and I downloaded the Manjaro version, time to download again, couple mins and I will have the Debian Version LOL


I have loaded Netrunner on a separate partition on my laptop! Boots fine, I have only had a little time to play but noticed 2 things so far:

  1. OBS-Studio snap did not work (crashed mutiple times when trying to add my webcam) but the version installed from Discover works fine
  2. When I try to shutdown via the Shutdown icon in the Super-Key menu, it locks up and becomes unresponsive. I had to hard reboot via my power button…

More to come…

I downloaded NetRunner, but I haven’t installed it (or even burned it to a USB), I think I’ll sit this one out.

However, it was interesting to see them deciding to NOT release a Rolling version, based on Manjaro ( as they feel

a) it was redundant now apart from the themeing, and
b) to support Manjaro as they settle into their new business grade lifestyle.

Personally, this sounds like a good and supportive call on their part, reducing fragmentation within the Linux world.

PS. I just spotted that @EricAdams has already mentioned this - oops, it’s still my 2 pence worth

Here is Dan’s audio fix -

Started using Netrunner before it became unavailable. I DL it the night of the show. It is a Manjaro close with Netrunner themeing and stuff. Honestly - just use Manjaro, which is why they discontinued it. Netrunner stable - Debian - NEXT!!! This is 2019 not 2009 and if I cannot get working nvidia-drivers installed to even get to the Live USB - FAIL.

Now please bear in mind I have been able to get to a lot of OS’s doing nvidia tricks at boot up. Solus / AntiX / MX19 (both Debian based)

Regards Zeb…

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I finished my written review for NetRunner

Bottom Line Up Front, NetRunner has a look of its own. The default software is refreshingly not minimal as that seems to be the talk of many Linux enthusiasts (I blame Arch for that). The included pieces of software makes for a great showcase of the various KDE applications. Personally, this is a good approach for most users. Those minimal installation folks should just learn to remove software using the package manager if that is such a huge issue. I am not keen on the default theme with the red cursor and the lack of a usable Dark NetRunner theme. Aside from that, it appears to be a good KDE Plasma experience and a fine showcase of the various applications a Linux user should try. This is my biased review of NetRunner as an openSUSE user.