Neon Plasma

KDE Neon with Plasma 5.16.3. Breeze Dark Look and Feel and Breeze Dark Plasma Theme, Terminall Colors, Breeze Chameleon Dark Icons (so folders change color depending on the Color Scheme) also some general and menu translucency around 80% Opaque for inactive and moving windows and background transparency for Konsole around 29%. Petals color scheme and font for Konsole appearance. Wallpaper found at Wallhaven.


That’s beautiful. Are you using Latte Dock?

Yes good eye–Latte dock. I like Cairo dock best but have had issues with it on Plasma. I’ve had no problems with Latte integrating with Plasma.

I really need to learn how to tweak Plasma, have little experience with it but can look so good. Do you have a list of your tweaks?

Yeah, I could do a screen share video of my tweaks but honestly I learned everything about Plasma from Big Daddy’s Customizing KDE Plasma 5 playlist -

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Whoa I didn’t even realise this existed. Will have a watch through at some point.

It looks so good. You’re making me miss plasma now :cry:

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