My take on Apple's move to ARM and the implications for Linux

These are my thoughts, admittedly there are many other ways to view this situation. But, this is what I expect.

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I’m a person that doesn’t code or do development, so a couple of questions.

What are your biggest challenges as an OS developer and, what will be your biggest challenges to release an OS in arm based technology?

Also, do you have to buy new hardware with ARM CPU’s just to keep up?

Inquiring minds want to know.

For me, the biggest challenge as an OS developer is both marketing the OS, and maintaining the infrastructure. Both take a lot of effort and time. Without those who have skills in these areas, I would be lost.

My biggest challenge with ARM is that ARM CPUs are designed to work with specific bootloaders. So I have to try to find a way to work around that, or otherwise have a different IMG file for each supported device.

As for having to buy ARM devices, I don’t technically have to. There are ways to use QEMU to work around the CPU architecture differences. However, I have encountered issues with apt that make it easier to use ARM CPUs. And, with those bootloader issues mentioned earlier, it’s smart to have some ARM devices to test on anyways.