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XFCE : The way I like it…

I don’t know if this is of interest to anyone but I thought I’d descibe my standard Xfce layout. I am an Xfce fan-boy and it’s what I install on all my distros that I use to get stuff done. It’s a simple layout (I won’t mention “workflow”).

My favourite way to start is the Debian way, the 1st run empty panel that I can quickly add what I want to, but it’s usually dead easy to modify XFCE to delete any “extra” panels they burden their users with.

I do like some basic on-screen icons for quick access (yes, they are sometimes covered, but not always and I’m used to them being there). Home, Wastebasket and Removable Devices (so I can see partitions with other distros and any USB devices plugged in)

The Panel is my “default” layout (actually EndeavourOS here has 2 changes, the Whisker Menu has the distro name rather than just "Menu " and I left “Notification Plugin” on there, I don’t usually bother with that).

The 3rd “Launcher” has 4 things on it, Chromium (my default browser), KeePassXC, QuiteRSS and Firefox (whichever version the distro has as default - full or esr). The pop-up mini-menu allows me to quickly get at the less used 3 options.


With this layout I’m happy to faff about my daily use of the computers I have. I have fiddled with EndeavourOS (and the Fedora 30 I had) to add custom themes and wallpapers (themes from (Midnight-Blue - thanks Ghost 67) and a selection of wallpapers from Normally I just let the distro defaults be, or one of their alternative wallpaper - I’m not a Rocco and “artistically inclined”.


I forgot to mention the icon set - also from xfce-look - “Korla”

Very nice Terry! I don’t remember seeing Korla before. I will have to check it out.

Thank you sir

Funny thing, you download and install Korla but when selecting the icon set to use it’s Kora… someone made a typo?