MX Linux 19 - Sept 21 and Sept 28

Our next challenge is MX Linux 19.

Version 19 is currently in beta at 2.1. You can read more about it here.

Download MX Linux 19 Beta 2.1

Please post any feedback in this thread so others can benefit from your experience. I also merged the existing beta thread into this one. I’m sure @dolphin_oracle will appreciate any feedback we have for him and the MX team.


The folks at MX Linux have put out a Beta 1 release of MX 19.

Take a peak at what is coming down the pipe from the MX team and give it some testing lurve.

Thanks @dolphin_oracle


My son added a “Create Theme” setting from the current settings and “Remove Theme” to the MX Tweak tool, so check that out and make sure it works for you. He was very excited that the MX developers accepted his feature add to the official MX Tweak tool.

He has been working hard for almost a year to create a MX Bashrc GUI configuration tool that adds a GUI front end to the MX Fancy Prompt CLI program along with a few other extras. He thinks he has the bugs worked out of that one, but there isn’t documentation written for it, and I believe it needs some initial testing before it is considered for adoption into the MX distro tool set.

He just started freshman year of high school last week, so his programming time has been severely cut into by homework and soccer.

I attached a picture where the magic happened in his basement “MX-Dev Batcave”.


I recall you talking about his involvement during one of the BDLL shows.

That is awesome that it was included in the Tweak tool. I will make sure to give it a proper testing.

Please express my regards to him and congratulate him on his involvement and contribution to MX.

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@franksmcb sure will.

The more eyes on it will only make it better. I hope we can get a lot of BDLL Community members on this.

So I followed protocol and went here and filled out the form to recommend MX 19 Beta 1 be the next distro in our challenge. As @CubicleNate points out it will help get eyes on their beta and will give us another look at Xfce 4.14. If you think it’s a good idea hit that link and let @BigDaddyLinux know.

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I would be a proud papa right about now. Congrats to you both!

I will add it to the three we pick from this week but I do believe you may have some naysayers just because we tried it back in December. We’ll see how it goes.


I know you said nay but i heard this: source

I’d wait until it’s out of beta myself (or at least until beta 2). It will of course be excellent already (Dolphin has a reputation to uphold), and I’m enjoying my initial play now I have my internet connection back.

I suppose it’s possible that feedback from the BDLL motley collection of testers of dark corners and strange options (and your own skill at breaking anything Rocco) would be helpful.

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@BigDaddyLinux Maybe we can do something like offer the ability for distros to ask the community to test their betas but not necessarily as the Distro Challenge? Maybe give 10 minutes or so to introducing the new beta, how to get it, etc? That way there’s an open channel but not something formally tested before it’s ready.

I don’t know, looking at my above comment, I seem to be swinging both ways (ooer!) saying ‘no’ and then saing ‘it might benefit the devs’. My multiples personalities must have been fighting that day and I still cant decide if a full review of the finished release would be better than an early review of the beta which may help the devs on whats needs fixing, and in what order.

Personally, I’m using MX-19b1 as my daily on 2 machines (1 is a clean install, the other is an install over an MX-18.3 leaving the /home directory). Both have given me no problems, I’ve even hacked about and re-done stuff just to check things.

I’ll let them off the 1 wallpaper, for a change I’ve re-themed an MX install. One with alternative themes that came with it (Arc-Dark + Papirus-Dark) and on the other a GTK3 theme from Xfce-Look. Both have wallpapers from WallpapersCraft and are looking very “stylish”… but what do I know.

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If you are worried about having enough people to test MX19 b1 - fear not as the MX community are all over it with over 30 pages already of MX19 b1 feedback (myself included). I think what would be more beneficial would be to wait for the Main release and then give our opinion on the finished product.


Right, Zeb has spoken words of wisdom and swayed me to a preferred option…

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I’ve been using MX-19b1 for a week now and never seen MX look better… (with the help of a new wallpaper)

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I assume you changed the layout, correct? MX always throws me with the panel being on the left. It’s on my list soon. Seems the feedback has been pretty positive so far.

It’s an easy one click in the MX Tweaks tool, just select the Horizontal option (it even swaps the menu and stuff around). You can also select for the panel to be at the Top if you’re kinky like that.

I do have a standard layout for the panel on any Xfce, I also keep the panel narrow (25 pixels) so I don’t feel I lose too much screen realestate even on 1366x768 displays. It works for me.

I prefer the panel at the top. I use the mouse a lot. Nearly everything else you can interact with using the mouse is located near the top of the screen so I might as well have the panel up there too.

I’m a “mouseketeer” too, but I’m used to the menu being bottom left, I never got to feel that the top was the right place for menu/control bar, even when Ubuntu was Gnome 2it felt wrong.