Mouse Recommendation

Just as a background, I have never really cared what mouse I used, until I started getting carpal tunnel. I tried the Anker Vertical Mouse and I have not had any trouble from my wrist since.
The wired and wireless mice are the same, it has a DPI button and works perfectly in Windows and Linux.
It does take a bit getting used to, as you will tend to move the mouse as you click. It is also pretty hardy, as being taller I tend to knock it over and onto the floor regularly. The worst that has happened so far is the batteries roll across the floor. it has an on/off switch on the bottom and a place to put the dongle.
The only gripe I would have is I wish the scroll wheel would be a bit more clicky.

They are actually a very good price for what you get. If you have issues with carpal tunnel I suggest trying one out.

Here is a link to the wireless one on Amazon.

misread your post

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Mostly I go cheap, currently I have 3 Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse USB (different colours with the wireless dongles permanently in 3 laptops), plus the Logitech M235 on the machine I use most (also the most recently replace after the previous mouse drowned in a spilled mug of tea - a waste of good tea). The M235 was twice the price of the M185s but it gets hammered a little more.

I also use rechargeable NiMH batteries which work well and saves a fortune in Alkaline AAs. I have a whole bunch of them from when I used superzoom bridge camera that needed 4 AA batteries and I’d usually carry 2 spare sets when out for a days snapping.

Even though these are cheap mouses they last me pretty well as I’m not a gamer so don’t run them ragged or click there little buttons to death.

I’ve looked at that mouse and considered it. Glad to know someone has had a good experience with it.

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I use this mouse it works great with the Logitech Wireless Keyboard, shares one USB port too!

I almost went for, I think it was that one, last time but decided the extra buttons would probablt confuse my tine mind - I decided to keep it simple and basic. Besides, it doesn’t look any more tea proof than the one I had before… I must do something about my wobbly table

As someone who has developed an RSI over time, the vertical mouse has sounded appealing. However, there doesn’t seem to be any ergonomic gaming mice. All of the ergo mice that I’ve found have pretty basic sensors and would not work well as a gaming mouse. I’ve grown far too accustomed to a good sensor on a mouse that I even use gaming mice at work.

I had a Logitech MX Master that I used for a while, but the response time was just too slow for me. Lesson of the day: Don’t play vidya games.

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It isn’t ergonomic per se but I absolutely love my Logitech G603. I have big hands and need a slightly larger mouse and the shape has to fit the contour of my hand. I can use this mouse all day every day and it doesn’t hurt my hand. It is wireless and Bluetooth, can run on one or two AA batteries which last for months and is just all around a great product. I’m considering buying a backup just in case they stop making it and I can’t get another when I eventually need it.

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I hear ya, I cannot use the travel mice because they are so tiny.

The Logitech M325 is about as small as I can go and not have it annoying in a travel mouse.

I’m on my 2nd Logitech MX Anywhere mouse and will never buy another kind. I love it, and I can use it on multiple computers by using the switch on the bottom, and it does both USB receivers and Bluetooth.