I’ve recently written a small piece about my experience with community engagement and my overall journey in regards to how it’s impacted my motivational skills.


You done great!
Both on the Spotlight and in your written report.
These are areas that I know I struggle with, and we have to motivate ourselves to constantly strive even into our weakest areas and build ourselves up, and in doing so encourage one another.

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Nice one, Schyken!
The episode of Spotlight was very interesting to watch and your contributions to BDLL and the community are highly appreciated.

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Thank you @MintSpider and @Kolibri for your replies! I really appreciate the feedback and I’m really excited to keep moving forward with the community in the near future.

@MintSpider, I think you’re absolutely right about that. Motivation is something we have to push ourselves on, and I think when we realize how difficult that can be, we should strive to help do it for others. A little encouragement goes a long way!