Microsoft Edge Browser for Linux

I have been using the Edge browser on openSUSE for a bit now and I have to say, I am blown away by how much more peppy it is than Chrome. Only the Dev channel version of Edge is available and I highly recommend giving it a spin.


I will echo that. It has been a good experience. I will also say the built-in security features don’t seem to bad either.


I appreciated hearing that on BDLL. Thank you.

Alas I’m not a chrome user so can’t relate directly, but how does edge compare to chromium? (guesstimate is fine)

I was going to try it on this, my primary box, but remembered I spent >30mins yesterday creating space so I could upgrade packages again… so will give it a miss on this box :frowning:

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I would say it is also faster than Chromium but I am running it in a Snap on openSUSE so, however unlikely, there may be some some other reasons.


I have so much love and respect for this browser on Linux. I know it’s in Dev only, but I’m seeing improvements every day.

I love the new Edge on Windows, but love it more in Linux.

I’m using it on Elementary OS.