Mark Greaves - PeppermintOS Memorial

Mark Greaves the lead of PeppermintOS past away last week.

There is more about this at the Peppermint Forums

BDL from 18 January 2020 paid tribute to him.

His wife Jayne posted about that show, I quote:

“Hello everyone its Jayne, Marks wife. just to let you all know we watched the video tribute that BDLL did the other night, I have to admit I cried many many tears hearing what people said about Mark, I know he spent alot of hours chatting and helping people my friends children used to call him “The Man that lives on the sofa”…that’s where he was happy, on the sofa, laptop in front of him chatting and helping people. We often joked that if we ever moved we would have to take the sofa with him still on it :D, not only did he look after all of you, he also looked after me, I have MS and he was my carer, I think that basically tells you what kind of man he was, He was also very private in the “Real world” a few close friends, didn’t like the spotlight and hated his picture being taken or being centre of attention, so I am just so glad he had all of you , the night he died he asked me to tell ALL the people he knew that he loved them, he really loved them, So I am passing that on to you all too. He loved you all and was so very very proud of Peppermint and its community, Thank you ALL for your support, Our sons Dan and Marcus are reading the messages as am I and we are taking great comfort from them. God Bless all of you.”

There is a memorial fund setup by Mark’s family here

Bump… To keep this in everyone’s minds please.

Mark passes but his family have to live on. Please forgo a cup of Coffee one morning and Donate. They will appreciate is as will I.

Thank You All.


I’m still lost for words. Why do the good ones always have to go first?

Only a small token, but it was bittersweet to have the opportunity to give back. He will never be forgotten. I wish all the best to Jayne, rest of his family and friends.
Thank you Mark. Thank you.