Manokwari Desktop Investigation

For those who don’t know, I am obsessed with Desktop Environments. If you don’t already know, I’m compiling the Zorin Desktop for use on pretty much ALL LINUX Distros (it was actually meant for Ubuntu but I realized it could be ran on anything using the same application)

When you watch Linux Scoop’s article on the best desktop environments, #1 places the Monokwari desktop, a Budgie looking elegant desktop with a dock.

I tried using it on Ubuntu but it wouldn’t budge, but I really took a close look into it.

According to Wiki’s there is a BlankOn Linux page ( that basically covers download, but only repositories.

Nevertheless, I was able to find the Manokwari desktop repository at , but it was only for Zesty and Xenial, so Xenial is still in update, so what im doing now is installing Ubuntu 16.04.6 and getting Manokwari on it.

I will keep you guys updated on this, because it might be a great Ubuntu remix (or a desktop option, at least)

Update: Manokwari is now up and running.

Manokwari Journal Notes:

Very Budgie like.
Nice dash panel.
GNOME extensions could possibly enhance.
Does not come with dock, but I suggest it.
Some of the themes for GTK looks a little ugly. (honestly I shouldn’t write this down)
Slick and smooth. Very great/underrated.

Update: Works smoothly, a little laggy at first due to loading stuff. I want to install extensions but a lot of them are incompatible with the current version of the GNOME Shell, so will be upgrading to Bionic 18.04.2

Interesting find. I hadn’t heard of this before. Seem to have some potential. Did you try the BlankOn ISO?

No, but I did download it last night. I plan on trying it. (might be a great distro challenge)

UPDATE: Almost done with the upgrade to 18.04. Process was long and I had to run it overnight while I was sleeping, so now its removing extra things and doing double checks. So excited!

UPDATE: Ubuntu 18.04 ‘Bionic Beaver’ is now running and is running Manokwari.

Manokwari Journal Notes:

In Boxes, Can stretch desktop resolution.
Side panels look nice.
Top panel looks nice.
Upgrade also installed GNOME desktop. (and Ubuntu desktop)
Installed extensions. Suggesting Desktop Icons and Dash to Dock.
Extensions DO NOT ENABLE in Manokwari. Suggesting to find possible way on running a Nautilus Desktop cmd on startup.
Installed Plank for dock.
Ambiance and other themes look ugly, installing Yaru theme, but can’t (Suru doesn’t work), so will upgrade to 19.04 Disco Dingo.

UPDATE: Upgraded to 19.04.

I tried installing BlankOn in a GNOME Box but never suceeded, either errored or froze. Can anyone try this out?

I typically run these oddball DEs and distros as far as Manokwari is concerned it hasnt been significantly worked on in over a year as the BlankOn guys are putting their efforts into this project currentl So I am sure there are going to be library conflicts and stuff at this point. I know i tried installing it on arch and got a bunch of errors.

The question is, installing BlankOn. If we need to compile it, like installing and compiling EVERY PACKAGE from when trying to build Cinnamon, then we will have to do that.

Except I cant do it now (Im on vacay)