Main website feedback

I’ve been doing some work on the main BDL website and am curious if anyone has any feedback. I’m not so much looking for feedback just on the recent changes but anything in general. I can’t guarantee that I’ll make changes based on your feedback but I am curious to know if people really like or dislike certain things and so on.

Some changes I want to make soon:

  • Switch to HTTPS for everything on the site. There’s nothing sensitive but SSL is the better option for a variety of reasons.
  • Adding more timely information like the weekly challenges and show notes.
  • Improving the Community page
  • Friends of BDL page - Links to other podcasts and content creators
  • Sponsors page
  • Improved layout and design

This is a complete overhaul of the website which is a ton of work and it’s coming along very nice.

I personally think that your second point about adding timely information front and center when people visit the site is a must. If you ask me, the links for the youtube channel can be put somewhere else, I just had no idea how to do that.

I also think for any sponsor of the site, it should be more noticeable than where it is. I’m not sure where or how but it should highly visible.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to you reworking everything because you can obviously I had no idea what I was doing when I created it. :slight_smile:

Need a link in Discourse to get back to the main site, preferably in the header.


This is all fantastic, and I really like the Discourse format! Manjaro also uses this format so I’m familiar with it, but I’ll admit it’s strange at first :wink:

It will definitely pick up, and I think it will be a useful place for challenge info when it becomes more of a common place to check out.

Thanks so much for all the hard work Eric!

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I put a few links at the top of the page just below the header. It was the quick fix way to add some links. I suspect I’ll figure out a nicer way eventually but I figured something was better than nothing for the moment.

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I visit the Manjaro forums a lot, they have links in the header, maybe look through the html/css to figure out how they did it?

Thanks for adding them :wink:

edit: Maybe add a Discord link as well ?

Thanks for the pointer. I figured out how they do it and switched to that style. Also added Discord as suggested.

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No problem, I used to build a lot of Wordpress websites back in the day, its what I used to do to figure things out :wink:

Looks great, good job :wink:

The community page currently has an incorrect link to the Discourse page, when clicked it takes you to the YouTube channel instead of the discourse. Because this page is higher ranked on DuckDuckGo this was the first hit for the discourse board.

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Thanks for the heads up! Not sure how I did that but it’s fixed now. Like they say, it’s hard to find good help. :wink:

Think it would be a good idea to have “Current Distro Challenge” on page. As it shows previous but not the ongoing one.

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Good call. I normally do but I was away on vacation. I added Endeavour to the list. :endeavouros:

Thank Eric, I was more thinking putting the current distro under a separate heading. As the wording for that table says previous distros.

Good point. I reworded the section to remove “previous” to make it inclusive of the current challenge.