Lubuntu 19.10 - November 23

Thanks to @Schyken for the write-up:

It’s that time again! BDLL was an absolute blast, and we wrapped up our week’s experience with Kubuntu 19.10, coming to the conclusion that it just may be the best KDE experience out there! If you want to know more, check out the stream archive on YouTube!

There will soon be an audio version of the stream here:

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This week’s distro challenge is Lubuntu 19.10! Keeping in line with our current theme of Ubuntu Release Flavours, we find ourselves on a trek to experience the awesomeness that is Lubuntu! Using the LXQt desktop environment, Lubuntu delivers a robust and flexible operating system suitable for both power users and standard users alike! Give it a try and let us know here, or join us live next week for BDLL!

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Lubuntu 19.10 Release Notes

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There are a number of ways you can help the Lubuntu team and jump into the community!

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I’ve been playing with the latest Lubuntu for the past couple days and I’m liking it so far.

My cifs/samba shares mount from fstab as expected (install cifs-utils package to use a config file for authorization), qterminal is pretty nice, and I’ve customized it in nearly the same way I’ve configured the heck out of LXQt on Arch, openbox config and all. LXQt has become my favorite floating DE; I’ve found it lighter than the latest MATE and xfce.

So far, I’ve only hit two email-related snags.

One, the Trojita email client does not support using multiple email (IMAP) accounts. The developers suggest separate multiple (system) users for multiple accounts, instead. (Boo.)

For some odd reason, OAuth2 authorization fails when logging into my gmail accounts using Thunderbird from the Ubuntu repos. Thunderbird on Arch works fine; Evolution on Ubuntu MATE worked fine too.

I don’t do any gaming or multimedia production, so I can’t comment on either.


Thanks Rocco, Zeb & everyone who puts on a great show for us to enjoy - it was a great and informative show. Thanks kc2bez for answering the Lubuntu specific questions, and everyone else for your feedback and reviews of Lubuntu 19.10.