Low Rent BDLL Show Discussion - 27 Mar 2021

The second edition of the Low Rent BDLL went well, albeit with a rough start due to my own ignorance on YouTube Streaming.

Some points of discussion that we had:

  • Beta Testing Fedora 34
  • The release of VLC 4
  • Science was more fun in the 70s according to Barb
  • And so much more

thanks Nate, good to see some Linux faces and hear some talk

Are you planning one for this Sat also?

And is anyone still doing the monthly EU BDLL?

hopped around in the stream video and noticed this chat snip:

@robinjuste I’m in on a EU+GB not-as-good-as-real-BDLL if you’re looking for attendees

We are going to have another Low Rent BDLL tonight. It’d be great to have you there. BDLL EU… stay tuned? :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks, missed your note in time unfortunately

till next then

at https://youtu.be/8bO47E8yADc?t=2194

someone explains moving his notes into docsify from markdowned wiki pages

I can’t read the Jitsi chat on the YT livestream (because I’m super old)

can you or someone else dig that out for me? much appreciated


never mind, sorry, found him here, from an asciidoc search

@mowest stalking your https://github.com/mowestusa/mowestwiki right now

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I’m kind of impressed that you found my github after searching for asciidoc. I didn’t realize that asciidoc would move me up in the search algorithm to be noticed.

it was a BDLL search for asciidoc, FYI