Looking for a Timed Management System

I decided to post in server side because I imagine it would need to be a server networked solution.


  • Our local library is squeezed on funds right now, but needs to update their 8 computer stations.
  • They received a number of desktops from the local high school, but I don’t know what they were running before they were donated.
  • Considering the age of other hardware at the Library, I would imagine that these donated computers will not run Windows 10 well (might be the reason the head librarian has not put them into service), Windows 7 will soon be unsupported, so I would like to offer the head librarian a Linux solution that I would volunteer to help manage.
  • In order to provide access to their library patrons of a limited resource they have a timer management system. At the main Library desk the librarians can assign a computer to a patron, then they set a countdown timer for 30 minutes. A screen appears on the assigned computer (patron use agreement that they have to click on) before the timer begins and allows the patron to use the computer for their time. (I don’t know what current management system they are using, I could probably find out the name of the system next week when I plan to meet with the head librarian.)
  • Usually these computers are used for accessing the Internet, downloading tax forms onto flash drives, light word processing, and printing PDFs too. Use cases that I believe Linux can handle.


  1. Is there a Linux/Open Source solution that would enable the librarians to assign 1 of 8 Linux desktop computers and lock them down unless one is assigned to a patron for their 30 minutes?
  2. Is there a solution that could be accessed either from Linux or Windows 10 in case I need to keep the main Librarian computer running Windows 10 for their work?

Thanks for your thoughts.