Linux Powered Christmas Lights

I have spent many hours of learning and playing to get this [mostly] right and I am pretty happy with the final results. I put together a light show on my house for Christmas and a little write-up of why I did it and why it is important to me. This whole thing is done with Linux. The controller system runs Linux and I performed the sequencing on Linux, openSUSE to be exact. This is my first go at such a thing and I hope to improve over time.

Or on YouTube Directly if you don’t want to see my blathering about it.


Beautiful Nate. You couldn’t have done it w/o OpenSuse!

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Technically, I could have done it with another Linux distribution but openSUSE just makes me happier. :smiley:

In case you all are still interested, here is my second sequence to music. Another Trans-Siberian Orchestra tune, “Christmas Eve”

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