Linux is not just a Distro, it's people!

I speak about Linux regularly because it’s a platform that I believe in so passionatly. Quite frankly it’s so much more than that. When you begin using it, unbeknown to you is a world wide community that you have just become a part of and are welcomed into unconditonally. How deeply you involve yourself is completely up to you. Along your journey you’ll have unlimited support without any strings attatched. As you get to know other users you will find there are many right in your own back yard.

To me, the best side perk to using Linux came without even knowing it was going to happen. That would be the close friendships that I have gained with people from all over the globe, people I have never met, yet we’re nearly as close as any I grew up with. I really don’t know how to describe or put into words what I am trying to say, other than Linux is more than a distro (operating system), it’s people.

Today is a particullarly hard day because we recently lost one of those amazing people, Mark Greaves, the project lead of one of the best Linux distros out there. He was there for any and all without question, even if you ran another distro, Mark would offer is help without having to ask for it. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, or knew of him.

Please take a moment to offer a silent prayer for Mark and his family!


Thank you Joe. This is precisely why I’m addicted to open source - it’s the people behind the software, the content, the forums, the chat groups that make it great. I discovered this post just after I posted mine, which has a tangential theme. I feel blessed to consider you and so many members of the community who I have never met IRL as friends with shared interests and ideas.
I feel saddened when we lose a member like Mark. Many words have been said about his passing, but I feel it is best summarised by saying we are all the poorer for his loss. I think about his family and friends daily.
It saddens me also when we lose members in other ways too. Through disagreements, disrespect, feeling ostracised, or whatever. We need to continue to be inclusive, welcoming and kind to others. I can only see the community being enriched by doing so.