Linus Tech Tips reveals 10 reasons why Linux is just better

Looks like someone on the LTT team really loves Linux!


In his latest video, LTT reveals 10 reasons why Linux is just better than Windows and Mac OS.

Watch here:

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I’d wager it’s Anthony showing Linus some pro tips and him being impressed. Could also be a way for LTT to grow their audience. Not saying it’s disingenuous but there has been a lot of love for Linux coming from LTT lately. I’m happy they are presenting it as an option to such a large audience.

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Yes, definitely Anthony.

He even pops up just before the end and the whole video has Anthony written all over, even down to the script!

Did I see our very own Linux For Everyone photo bombing this video, posing as mild mannered Jason Evangelho?

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This was a reasonably well presented video for a mainstream channel. Anthony is cool in a nerdy sort of way.
The only criticism I had was they didn’t highlight the community aspect of it enough :smiley:
I hope they do as promised and make more Linux related content.

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When we got to 9 I was starting to wonder if they would mention it at all. The topics covered were actually more specific than I would have thought. From an outsider’s perspective, it’s really not an easy thing to describe. I give them credit for being one of the only large tech channels that even mention Linux, let alone product entire pieces of content about it.