KDE Plasma from a Linux noob perspective

I wrote an article on reddit and I wanted to share it here.

Here are the reasons I am loving KDE plasma desktop and Kubuntu 20.04 .
1) Rock Solid Base. Ubuntu 20.04 being LTS – I know that it has a rock solid base. I don’t have to worry about updates breaking anything.

2) Settings and more settings. I love having the unlimited settings/configurations available in plasma. I have read multiple articles/posts that KDE has too many settings – but you don’t have to use or know everything.
The defaults are sane and anyone can get up and running right after installing Kubuntu. Whenever the need to change anything on my desktop or workflow arises, I simply google it and I find the solution. That is how I am learning the various parts of KDE plasma.

3) Widgets – pieces of Lego. I love widgets – they are like my building blocks.
I am someone who thinks that the desktop is a space which we have to make full use of – and so I love to add media controller, system monitors and note taking apps on the desktop. This makes viewing important information easy and controlling my podcasts/media right from the desktop is something I like.

4) Media control on lock screen. I am someone who listens to a lot of podcasts. So most of the time, my laptop screen is locked and turned off and if I need to pause – I simply pause it from the lock screen without having to unlock my screen. That is such a great convenience.

5) Wallpapers – Unlimited options. It is easy to download any beautiful wallpaper I desire right from Discover software center. Additionally, the integration of Bing picture of the day in desktop settings is one of my favorite feature of KDE plasma.

6) Plasma Browser Integration
I love Plasma Browser Integration. My favorites are media control (e.g Youtube) and download progress (useful for big files)

Of course, KDE plasma has tons of other features which you can check out at https://kde.org/plasma-desktop . I just wanted to highlight the reasons I love and use KDE plasma.

N.B: I know I have not mentioned KDE Connect or latte dock - but they all deserve their own article and I don’t use them. :slight_smile:

Finally, I would like to say Thank You to KDE devs and Kubuntu team.


I agree with all of the above.

As far as settings go, I know Plasma takes criticism for the logic of the layout and location of some settings, but I’ve gotten used to it now, and I know where to go to find the things I need. Same kind of learning curve as any other DE as far as I’m concerned. I mean, sure, there are countless other ways to spend that 20 minutes, so why spend half of them whining?

The KDE activities paradigm is something I haven’t explored too much yet. I’m a simple man.

I’m running it now on a 2011 Macbook air, and it is smooth as butter.

I love your take on this subject. I wish I had more time to do a comparative series with KDE vs Gnome but alas that is not in the cards.

I used to love plasma for all of those reasons you mentioned. For the last year or so I drifted away from plasma and the only reason that I can come up with that drove me away from Plasma was the paper cut thing. Overall, plasma is a solid system but for my personal experience, it’s all of the little tiny things like settings crashing, Theme’s not working the way you want them to and many more that I won’t go into.

For me, it seems that plasma is great, IF I don’t mess with the settings. Once I start messing with settings is where all the issues come in. If I can’t mess with the settings, there is no real advantage to running plasma.

This is all just personal experience and opinion. For those like yourself Avi, I’m really happy that you found something that works for you. KDE Plasma is at the top for innovation and making a beautiful desktop.

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