KDE Plasma 5.18, what has your experiences been?

For me, KDE Plasma 5.18 on @openSUSE Tumbleweed is Awesome-Sauce. It has been a buffet of further refinements, feature enhancements and little improvements make it a welcome update. It’s nice to not have to worry about losing something in an update. Either a feature or the ability to run it on a trusty old piece of hardware.

Overall, I am quite happy with it. Most important to me, none of the changes in 5.18 are irritating. Sure, that doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement but for me, there is no greater statement that can be said about a desktop as the changes are not irritating.


I have been a fan of KDE since around 2010. It was heavy on resources so I decided to stick with Macs as home computers. But from time to time, I checked out how KDE was going. 2 years ago, my Macs were getting old and my bank account getting smaller. But Apple hardware was excellent so I decided to wipe out OSX and install a lightweight Linux distro. I tested some of them. After a lot of distro-hopping, I came to KDE Neon. To my surprise, it had the smallest footprint in terms of memory and CPU usage. KDE Neon install could even recognize Apple’s WiFi adapter, a nightmare for the other distros. I keep on using Neon as my daily driver. Kudos to the guys on dev team. Really impressive work.


I can’t say there’s a standout feature of 5.18 that comes to mind (maybe the new concept of Customize Desktop instead of locking widgets) but it’s KDE doing what they do best. They iterate and continue to make small improvements to increase performance, fix bugs and smooth out rough edges. Honestly, DEs in general have gotten so good lately. I am spoiled for choice.

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That is really great news. I tend to go for pretty mainline enterprise hardware (Dell Latitude or Optiplex) so I don’t seem to run into any hardware difficulty. It is great to know you have a distribution that works well for your Apple hardware. Linux has really made my life a lot easier when it comes to hardware costs.

Thanks for your input!