KDE 3.3.1 on Linux Mandrake 10.1 in a VM from an old Dell

Here is my old Linux Mandrake KDE from 2004 that I put in a virtual machine after cloning the drives of an old Dell I have (for archival purposes). Thought it might bring back memories. I can’t believe how cluttered my desktop was. Have a great day!


Mandrake was amazing back in the day. I had a very similar setup. It’s very retro looking but I bet I could still do most things I do today on that old system. Thanks for sharing!

Folding at home. I had completely forgotten about that. Thanks for the screenshot.

Mandrake is where I started and in many ways, I miss that era of desktop.

That brings back so many memories of KDE3. It was my first desktop I stuck with on Linux and I loved it!

I still have my old Linux-Mandrake 7.2 retail box. I made iso images from the install and software CDs and got it going in a VM. I guess KDE 2.0 wasn’t finished when Macmillan started making the discs. They shipped it with a release candidate version.


Wow, that’s awesome and scary at the same time!

I didn’t start using Mandrake until 2003 but it didn’t look much different than that. Good times!