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Welcome to the community! Whether you are a new member or a familiar face, how about taking a moment to introduce yourself. You can just say hi or maybe give us a little background on your who you are, how you found Linux and this community, or just whatever you want to share. We’re always happy to see new faces and look forward to seeing yours!

PS - Make sure you leave your details if you are creating content. YouTube, blogs, whatever you’ve got.


Hello im bigpod i show up on bdll and i am ironicly fan of microsoft(just not their os)


Justin, that Solus fanboy from BDLL Telegram.


Hello everyone! BDL fan and I hang out on BDLL on Telegram. I enjoy using Linux, Debian and MX.


Hello I am linuxpaulm, that guy who basically just whinges and moans all day long and has no skills to speak of


Hi, I’m Zeb. Most of you will know me by now. For those who don’t yet, it’s easier for you to watch

Rather than me whittle on here lol

Regards Zeb…
Be Kind Whenever Possible… It is Always Possible - Dalai Lama

Linux User #565092
P10 x64 Desktop - AMD Threadripper 2950X - 64Gb RAM - NVIDIA RTX2080Ti 11Gb - 2 x 27" 4k 3840x2160 - 1 x 34" 5120x2160
P9/10 @ P9 x64 Laptop - i7-7700HQ @ 2.80GHz - 8Gb RAM - Nvidia GTX1050 4Gb - 15.6" HD 1920x1080


Greetings! I’m Adam Grubbs. I usually hang out in the BDLL Telegram where I occasionally engage in fun debates and lighthearted trolling. Feel free to say hello whenever you like!


I’m Josh, also known as Dr. Random to Rocco

Greetings folks. Kactux here from Las Vegas. Long time listener and fan. I been running Linux personally since about 2004 and professionally at work for the past two years. Currently running Arch, Neon, and Manjaro. Big KDE fanboi. All Plasma all the time for me.

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So obviously you have great taste. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here.

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Hello, I am Steve Winkler of stevesveryown. I’m very glad to be part of this awesome community. I am a big fan of Peppermint Linux and have been given the honorary title of Big Poppa Peppernmint.

Remember, Come for the Linux, Stay for the Community!

Edit by Eric:
Steve forgot to include a link to his YouTube channel. You should definitely check it out!


I’m Fratm. Youtuber, Linux Nerd, gamer, Sysadmin… geek…


Fratm also forgot to mention his youtube channel

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Hello all, I’m the TheLamerLinux, I also go by Lamer.

I’m a college student that uses Linux the best he can in college and loves watching the BDLL.

Take care all

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Jon Uhler here.

I’ve been using Linux since it was on like 90 floppies.

I’ve been a Sun Solaris admin, HP UX, Iris, and Linux admin. I’m a web developer, Python hack, sudo database admin and security junkie.

Currently running Ubuntu Mate and run 5 or so servers out of my house.

Glad to be here. I love what Rocco is doing for the community and BDLL is an awesome thing to be part of.

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Hi all, fairly regular listener to BDLL - in the UK so I’m an insomniac.

I’m a keen MX user, but I like to play with other distros on my collection of laptops - it’s always handy to have a backup install


Hello I’m The Ski Meister who lives in the US in upstate NY and love to distro hop although I haven’t in months since switching to Manjaro Plasma. I am a trucking addict on ATS & ETS2.


Politically incorrect weirdo from Norway that listens to BDLL and a few other shows. Works great as a radio when playing games or ruining an installation of something :slight_smile:

Great to see ppl on a platform that doesn’t need a phone number :wink:



I am Chris Kelling, and have been playing with computers from about 1979 and of varing sizes, classes, and many operating systems. I’ve use Apple II, II+, IIe, TI99 4a, amiga, vic20, c64, PDP 11/73 running RSTS/e, VAX (780 - 6800s) running VMS (where I learned DCL), ibm PC, AS/400, 4800, 3081, 4356 running various mainframe os (DOS/VSE. MVS. OS390, Z390), PC DOS, Windows, including win10, mac with maxos 6-10 up to El Capitain, and of course, Linux. My preferd disto is Fedora, but do keep up with the other distros, too.

I’ve been an IT professional since 1989, and currently a desktop support engineer for DXC working at Collins Aerospace. I’m slowly working on my LPIC and CISCO certs (my bachelor’s is in computer networking), and the IT director for the Vintage Radio & Communications Museum of CT. I’m also the president of the ham club of the museum.

Well, this way more than any probably would want to know. Glad to be here.


We’re going to find out during your Linux Spotlight so you might as well get it out now. :grin:


I am JJ^4884. Minimal install or NEXT! Find me on Telegram, Discord, IRC, and other platforms.