If your Desktop Environment/Window Manager of choice disappeared

The thread on what distro you would move to if your current one disappeared has sparked some pretty interesting discussion. This lead to another thought in my head. Users can be just as passionate as they are with distros when it comes to interfaces. If your DE/WM suddenly disappeared, what would you use instead?

I recently started using Gnome 3 again, after installing Pop! OS. If Gnome 3 went away, I would go back to using KDE. If that went away, I would probably use Xfce or Openbox.

EDIT: Totally forgot about Mate! I can’t believe I did that considering I was a hard core Gnome 2 user back in the day. Mate would have to be my third choice, before going for Xfce.

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I prefer Cinnamon but if it went away I’d be perfectly happy with Mate or XFCE.

I would try something new like Budgie if I didn’t like it I would go back to Gnome

Probably MATE if Xfce was taken away from me

Of late, I was using Ubuntu MATE as my daily driver. If MATE disappeared, I would probably switch to XFCE because I enjoyed Endeavour’s setup of XFCE.

However, I will admit that I’m having a blast setting up and using Fluxbox. I ran Fluxbox years ago as my lightweight choice for my computers that were low resource. Except for a little bit of time in Antix’s version of Fluxbox. Currently, I’m running Fluxbox on Fedora 30, and I am rediscovering all the fun things that I enjoyed about this window manager: tabbed grouped windows, great defaults of keyboard shortcuts, readable config files. The only issue that I’m having is trying to have a consistency of theming for different GUI applications. lxappearance helps to create some consistency for app theming, but apparently it doesn’t work with all apps. Not everything takes on the Arc Dark theme that I have applied with lxappearance. You can see below Arc Dark on SpaceFM and a nice theme for my terminal Xterm too.

I’d probably finish setting up sway instead of just messing with it.

FYI, I run Solus.
Budgie is my main DE, but I am very impressed with their Plasma setup so would probably go with that.
Gnome and Mate have not really grabbed me.

I’m a huge fan of Xfce and it’s the only DE I use. Of course, I’ve also tried others, but Xfce is the one that works best for me.
So if Xfce disappeared, my first choice would be MATE, closely followed by Lxqt or Budgie.

I regularly switch between KDE and Cinnamon so if one were to disappear I would happily use the other.

If MATE went away I would likely go to Xfce tho there are parts of me that do like the Cinnamon DE.

If theShell ended up disappearing I would probably end up switching to Manokwari or over to Deepin. Yes, I know I like my odd desktop environments lol

Oh my god

GNOME is what I use BUT ONLY WITH extensions, so if it were to go away, remember that Zorin/Mate/Cinnamon Desktop wouldnt exist, or Pantheon, Budgie, or I think Manokwari.

I would first choose Deepin if possible if it can survive the extinction of GNOME.

I like LXQt (Basically improved LXDE), so that would work.

Otherwise I’d use Plasma, but that ends up with a last choice because it is literally the EXACT flip of GNOME.

I use i3 on all my computers regardless of distro because it’'s light fast and very configurable. If it was to disappear I think I’d switch to dwm or bspwm because I’ve been wanting to try those for a while now just to lazy to jump in it right now.

If openbox was taken from me i would probably go to something like mate or heavly custom gnome

Plasma <> xfce

KDE isn’t a desktop environment btw :wilted_flower:

@Maeglin, @bigpod you guys mentioned that you use Window Managers as your daily drivers. I’m just curious, what do you do to keep the theming consistent. Full DE’s like KDE, Gnome, MATE, Cinnamon, and XFCE all seem to have ways to keep GTK, QT and other GUI programs themed to match the DE. Are you using any programs to do the same with your Window Managers or do you just let the GUI programs have whatever default theme they come with?

I’m running Fluxbox and installed lxappearance to apply the Arc Dark theme to programs like SpaceFM, LibreOffice, and Geany, but sometimes other programs start up and they might be QT based and they are not using the Arc Dark theme.

Of course, Win10 apps can be even more all over the board so I guess I shouldn’t fuss over this too much. I’m really loving my Arc Dark Fluxbox theme so it is jarring when something opens that doesn’t match up.

I use lxappearance and obconf to deal with theming in openbox

I doubt that I will install multiple DE’s to fix this, but I will say that I enjoyed reading your answer. You made me laugh and smile and I needed to smile about something today, so thank you this was a great read.

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I run Pop_OS! which is gnome and if Gnome went away, I would be on KDE Plasma again so I’m in a good spot right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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I run i3 for my daily, so I guess another tiling Window Manager…though Cinnamon can be set to be pretty keyboard centric…I could give that a go.