I survive... just

Monday, 26th August 2018 (UK August Bank Holiday)

I woke up to a total lack of landline service (and hence no internet service).

I’ll be damned if I could get my mobile phone to work (I’ve realised I’ve only ever used data on it via Wi-Fi). Eventually got it to work by resetting to factory defaults and starting from scratch puzzeling out the “Chingish”, (I don’t need or want the latest & greatest Android hanset with £1000 price tag, I plumped for a £250 Chinese Android 7.1 - DooGee S70), instruction booklet, in 6pt font.

Anyway, fault reported to BT, the estimate a repair date of Friday, 30th Audust (I assume 2019). No internet for up to 5 days… I had serious doubts I could survive that long.

Fortunately, just after lunch today (Wednesday, 28th) they came and fixed the fault so it was only 2 and a half days surviving on my Kindle e-books and the Kindle Fire 7" Audible books I had downloaded.

Anyway I still haven’t caught up but I did want to give the MX-19 beta 1 a try (I’m using it now), so far, so good. I have it installed on my Dell Latitude E6510 (replacing a partition that still had Devuan on it for some reason).

I have run the updates, installed my PIA VPN, run my script to add all the packages I always install (provived they are availablr from the distro in questions repositories), and all it looking good. Ghost 67 is ahead of me, I’m not in a race anyway, but I will be giving MX-19b1 a good going over with my daily activities tomorrow and the next few days. So far, it’s looking good and I don’t hold the lack of a selection of wallpapers against it.

It doesn’t look too bad anyway.

Thank RunWithTheDolphin (strange name, Dolphins don’t have legs and can’t run)

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