I have a Dell OptiPlex 7010 DT with a 250 W PSU looking at a GTX 1050 ti or GT 1030 for gaming

They both seem to say a minimum of 300W PSU but I have seen people posting on Dell’s support community site and people installing and saying they run great on YouTube. The same exact configuration the tower is smaller in the form so requires the Low Profile card which is available for both models. Do you think it will be safe?

I ran a GT1030 in my Optiplex 7010 SFF with no problem at all - in fact I have a video on this on my channel :slight_smile:

250w PSU is ample for this card even after I upgraded the CPU to a zippy i7.

A 1030 will play a surprising number of games, just don’t expect over 30fps with AAA newer titles on high presets. My card was passively cooled too, so no noise.

Be sure to get the version with faster GDDR memory and not the lower spec version which runs like a dog. Check the box and sales particulars very carefully as it isn’t always clearly labelled on the box.

Not tried the 1050.

Good to know, what kind of games could the pc handle? with base setup of the processor and 8 GB ram?

I’m not really a gamer so I just tried the Trine games and some Euro Trucks but you get smooth play on those and few others. I captured some game play in the video.

I ran the 7010 with i7 4770K and 16gb ram.

thanks for the info :smiley:

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4 sticks of 4 GB or 2x8?

4 x 4 - IIRC it came with 2 x 4 and I just added a couple of sticks.

They are capable little machines. I still have mine but moved to a new intel NUC in a passive case as I wanted something small and silent.

mine is hooked up via a HDMI with an adapter to go to the display port to my 40" HDTV which really makes it nice. I have 3 PCs an Acer AIO, a HP Laptop, and the OptiPlex 7010 DT. All run Manjaro Linux.

The great things about these Dell machines is they are rock solid and 100% of the hardware is supported in the kernel. I used to distro hop like crazy and i can’t recall a distro which wouldn’t boot.

I’m a Manjaro Fan Boy! :manjaro:

how long have you had the gpu in your machine and have you pushed it much? I am just concerned with the possibility of burning out the PSU

I used it for about 12 months.
The 1030 only draws 35w at full throttle which is very low power for a card.