I finally got qt apps looking good in gtk environments

Something that always bugged me in Linux was getting qt apps to look good in GTK based desktop environments like gnome. Just now, I finally got my qt apps looking good and it didn’t take too much effort. The program that sets the theme for qt apps is qt5ct, which should be available in most distros. You also need some qt themes. On Ubuntu 20.04, I downloaded the breeze package which gave me breeze, breeze dark, and some icon themes. Then, with a text editor, I added the following to ~/.profile (It’s a hidden file named .profile in the base of your home directory, pressing Control+H in your file manager should reveal it)


Commands in ~/.profile get run when we login to our desktop enviorment. Here, we are making the QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME variable avaliable to any programs we launch. Then, all we have to do is logout and log back in and launch qt5ct. Under the Appearance tab, I selected breeze and under color scheme, I chose darker. Under the icon theme tab, I chose breeze dark. This looks pretty good with the yaru-dark theme.

Does anyone know how to get more qt themes? I get my gtk themes from gnome-look.org but I"m not sure if such a thing exists for qt apps.


I’m doing the same thing on Ubuntu 20.04 and I find the adwaita-qt theme is close enough to work. The adwaita-qt package in the repo doesn’t work for me so I had to install it from GitHub.

Video opportunity?

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I think it sounds like a GREAT @EricAdams video opportunity. :slight_smile: