How you can build your own cloud server the EASY WAY

So you want to backup you want to have your own iCloud or Google Drive? Think its hard? It can be unless you know the tricks of the trade.

First, make sure you have the ability to install snap packages(I know, not a Snap!) Trust me its worth it this time!

Open a terminal window, and type:

sudo snap install nextcloud

this will install nextcloud, MySQL, httpd, and everything else needed in one quick easy package.
Next, we will open your web browser of choice and type in:


Create an admin password and let it do its thing, then all you gotta do is set it up the way you like.

I would recommend a domain or subdomain to point to your server and setting up port forwarding through your router to access this outside your own network.

For a great dynamic DNS site click here
This will help you manage your always changing IP address to an easy to remember address like

Info on NextCloud can be found here
Some modules available for NextCloud are Contacts, Calendar, Email, OnlyOffice(a gDoc like an interface).


Just because I am a fan of Nextcloud, openSUSE and since I [help] maintain the wiki on the openSUSE site, I thought I would share this:

It is a basic step by step on setting it up and the components for the LAMP services as well. The value in this is to understand how these different services work and should you have trouble with the core components or want to scale them differently, this can be helpful.

I also don’t know if the Snap uses SQLite or mariaDB. If you plan on having multiple users access your Nextcloud instance, you may want to scale that up to at least using the mariaDB for Multi In and Multi Out.(MIMO) access.

I noticed for me, when I initially ran it using SQLite, file access was incredibly slow and it could not handle multiple requests at a time.