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Tells us about your home labs or any home based servers you may be working on?

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I have a small lab of 3 computers all running Manjaro w/Deepin DE, Mulder my AIO Server runs a NextCloud server. Skully my laptop for my nighttime use when my Wife has the TV. And Skinner my Desktop attached directly to my 40" HDTV.


On my old gaming PC, an AMD 8350, I host some Minecraft servers with Centos 7.
A less capable APU, can’t remember the model, runs a PostGres server for my simracing team’s livetiming.
Used to use a Debian 7 (I think) for Owncloud, backup and OpenFire server, also an AMD APU. Sometimes this hosts some virtual machines.

I would love to have a rack to put everything in, but I don’t want to pay for it!

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 that runs Pi Hole, which is a DNS based ad blocker. To get ad blocking while I’m away from home, It also runs a openvpn server. For some added privacy, it routes DNS queries though the Tor network.

I was using a couple stainless steel bread racks on wheels for a good while. It wasn’t pretty or enclosed but it did keep everything in neat and gave me lots of vertical space to work with.

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That is a good idea!

This is my set up:

I built the rack out of some rails and wood.

That works. It’s all about that vertical space!

Like in the bakeries? That is such a neat idea, but where would you pick one of those up for cheap? Are the lips that normally what you slide the trays onto the correct size to hold a typical rack mounted server? I love hearing of inventive ways in which things are repurposed and reused.

Server racks are usually 19" apart.

I got them from work when they closed down an office. It was like the one below where you could change the position of the shelves. No idea how much they cost.

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This reminds me of the old AV carts we had in school. I need to look around and see if I can find one of them.

That’s pretty massive…

The ones I had were much narrower and taller, more along the lines of the standard server enclosure form factor. But yeah, not exactly beautiful.

Looking to find some sort of small rack or shelves for a few pcs and my switch and router on.

Need something a bit bigger than that as I have some a PC or two I would like to include in the setup.

my “lab” consists of a old destop(not that old its i5-4440 12 gb of ram amd r7 250) with ubuntu desktop as base that acts as virtualisation and docker host and well i do chat and some writing on it(like telegram and stuff like that) it also acts as main repositorys for packages i cant find in main repos and/or you have to build yourself like on AUR it also builds those packages i also use it as build machine
it is also my NAS
now i see i am just tacking stuff on and on

i also have a laptop that is my main daily driver that also host some virtual machines that i might need on the go

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