Help needed

Hello everyone,

I am working on a new open source project.
It is a game for all the new cool Linux phones that are comming to market, like the Librem5 and PinePhone.
The game is a multiplayer, webbased, html5 canvas application that is inspired by the old classic game for Amiga/C64 called Speedball II.
I need some feedback and input to the game, to improve gameplay and fix issues. If you are a gamer and like open source software, maybe you would like to also help out. The game can be tested on all mobile phone platforms and also on the desktop.

The source code for the game is located here:

The game itself is found here:

To test it on the desktop you need to either enable dev tools in the browser and enable device emulation, or you need to shape the browser like smartphone in portrait mode. On mobile devices the input is touch based. On desktop you can use the mouse and ASDW + Space for input.
The game doesn’t really have any introduction/training yet, so if you are in doubt as to what it is about, you are welcome to contact me here.

Br Magnus Jørgensen