Getting an error attempting to connect to another computer in my house via network

I am using Linux Mint with the default file manager and when I attempt to connect to one of my shared computers in the house I am getting the message … Failed to retrieve share list from server. Connection timed out. This issue is only happening on the Linux Mint machine. I can connect to the computer in question from a Manjaro laptop over wifi, Win10 machine hardwired, and MacOS10 Mojave hardwired. Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening only in Linux Mint Cinnamon?

Did you try to ssh in from the terminal? Nemo might be failing to connect because the remote machine isn’t in your known_hosts file (located in the .ssh directory in your home directory). The first time you try to log in using ssh from the terminal it will ask if you want to add the remote machine to your known_hosts file.