Full Circle Magazine

Hi Guy’s

If anyone is a good writer and is looking at a way to get involved in the Linux Community Full Circle Magazine are looking for new people to write for them and fresh new topics. This free pdf Magazine is aimed at the Ubuntu and the Ubuntu derivative distro community but produces articles that are applicable to ALL users of Linux, it was one of my sources of help in my early days in Linux and has been going for 12 years, but if they do not get more articles to replace some longtime regular series that are coming to an end there is a real danger of the Magazine closing.

I’ve offered to write something about podcast production in Linux, and with the vast wealth of knowledge about using Linux as a daily driver maybe one or two other folk here might consider some articles, or even a short series.

I know a lot of you are super busy but if you can not help yourselves could you use your channels to spread the word about this as I think it would be a shame if one of our longstanding community resources for helping new users into Linux came to an end.