FSlint - Look at all those dups!

So, I recently found a nifty piece of software called FSlint. Now, I’ve only gotten to the surface of its capabilities, but I use it to find duplicate or similar files in directories. It’s available in Debian with a good ole sudo apt install fslint and it has been working great in directories in excess of 6000 files.

Here’s a screenshot of it working recursively in my $HOME. It shows similar files, how much wasted space there is as a result, and gives me options to delete duplicates, create symlinks for them, and more!!! Definitely a powerful tool if any of you are interested.


So in terms of deduplication, I see there are some options like delete, merge and symlink. Have you tried any of those? I wonder if it would impact stability. Say I deleted a bunch of duplicates and it caused a problem is there a way to recover? Maybe best to do a backup first I suppose.

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I used the delete option to remove a lot of duplicate assets I had in a textures directory and it handled it pretty well. In regards to symlinking, I set up a couple test directories and it created symlinks in place of one of the filesets and they functioned just the same as the originals did (scripts and executables.)

In regards to undoing an action, I’m not sure how doable that is. The delete doesn’t seem to move things to the trash, so perhaps a backup is definitely a good idea.

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Available in Solus too it seems. Might give it a shot later.
fslint - FSlint is a utility to find and clean various forms of lint on a filesystem.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure about other distros so I didn’t mention them. I would assume most of the big distros have it and then downstreams from there, but I wouldn’t know if say, Void, or Chakra has it.

This sounds like a great idea. I guess I have just been burned in the past too much by applications that claim this type of work where it’s supposed to help you delete dups and then everything goes horribly wrong where it picks up certain files that look like dups but are not and deletes them as well.

Yes, I have trust issues

I have never tried fslint and look forward to hearing how well it does

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Yeah, I’ve noticed that things like CCleaner are recommended (is that a Windows thing?) and AFAIK the issue is that they just touch everything they possibly can and it breaks tons of stuff. Really scary TBH. So far this only seems to interact with what I set it to, so that’s nice!