Forget your Ubuntus

…My MX Linux installs are one by on smoothly transitioning from Release Candidates to the full blown MX-19, and very nice it is too.

I’d been keeping the MX-19RC1 pretty much up to date with the updates as they came out, so today, 22nd Oct 2019, when the announcement that it was finally released, there were I think only a couple of package updates.

I did also do one install from scratch, just to check, but I can’t find any differences worth menmtioning, nithing that being on 2 different machines can’t explain.

To all the team at MX Liux, “Well done lads and lasses - you’ve got another winner”


They really took their time which is great. I need to take a look at the full release to see if much has changed but I’m guessing it was a lot of fixes and polish. It’s a bit of a curse for Ubuntu to have a set release schedule although it does force progress I suppose.

I’ve been using the MX-19 betas an RC for a while, and to be truthful I can’t fully recall MX-18,3 before that. I had no complaints about MX-18.3, I won’t even complain about the “conservative” versions, they all worked for me.

However, I do feel that MX-19 is a little faster, a little smoother, slicker, it has a couple of new MX tools (the MX tools are a good selling point) and of course, newer versions. I’ve seen a couple of people complain about the 4.19 (LTS) Kernel when 5.3 and 5.4 are out. They had latest and greatest kit so maybe they had a point, but 4.19, being LTS, works for me.

I think also with every release (since MX-17 anyway) they are improving the looks, nicer wallpapers and more of them. A good selection of themes. The new Xfce 4.14 is working very nicely, in day to day use I had no problems myself with the 4.12, and 4.14 slips right in and works - a good first move, get the basics right THEN look at adding new fancy stuff (if they are going to do that - can’t think of anything I want anyway).

So, MX-19 betas & RC1 worked just fine, the release continues that. Best of all, there’s the MX Forums and community behind it, I’ve seldom, if ever found a better one.

Sorry, I rambled, but then I’m a fan boy…

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No worries. It’s a great feeling to find that particular distro that works best for you. That can mean a lot of things to different people but whatever it is, you know when you find it and it’s special for sure.