Hello Everyone

I would like to present a new program that i have just made called FolkFinder.
It is an application that enables you to manage the pictures in your library.
You can see a guide to the application here:

It is ofcourse open source software and it can be found here:

I hope you like it and find it usefull.

BR Magnus


I’ve done some testing and it is working very well, especially considering it’s only the second release. I’m looking forward to the upcoming features. Thanks for this @Magnus_Jorgensen.

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Thanks @EricAdams.

This is version 0.0.3 though.
I have made an improved selector widget for the properties and fixed a few issues.

I’ve been playing with your software for just a couple of hours in my giant mess of a family pictures directory and it works like a charm.
Great Job .
Thanks a lot @Magnus_Jorgensen

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Thanks @Maeglin I am so glad to hear that.
If you have any suggestions for improvements, please don’t hesitate to mention them.

Br Magnus

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Hopefully soon you will find it in repositories like AUR but i right now dont have time maybe next week

but AUR is the easiest to make package(or in AURs case definition for package)

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Awesome Bigpod.
And thanks for helping out wuth DupliSeek also.

I have released FolkFinder 0.1.0.
This version has a face detection feature such, that you can find the faces in your pictures library. There is no face recognition yet. That will have to wait to next release.
Also when searching for faces the application locks up since it is single threaded. I will also add multithreading in next release for a more smoother experience.


FolkFinder v0.1.1 has been released.
The following changes has been added:
Multithreading while finding faces
Relative tree view implemented
Added makefile for simple commandline install and removal

The relative tree makes is so that your categorization is available through the tree view. As seen above, your tags will be available as children, which makes it easier to find related photographs.

Br Magnus Jørgensen

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