Feren OS - Jan 18th & 25th

The challenge for the next two weeks is Feren OS. Feren OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux Distribution with a unique take on the KDE Plasma Desktop Environment and a focus on being friendly to new users.
Home Page: https://ferenos.weebly.com/

Direct Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ferenoslinux/files/Feren%20OS%20x64.iso/download
TIP: If the download takes too long, try hitting “Problems Downloading?” on the download countdown page and changing the ISO download mirror.

Feren OS does not have an official torrent download as of the time of making this post.

Release announcement:

Documentation & Support:

Please note that January 2020 Snapshot could be released some point during this challenge, with pre-applied bug fixes, the Linux Mint 19.3 Mint Repos instead of 19.2, the addition of extra packages missing in December 2019 Snapshot such as bash-completion, etc.

If that happens, the new snapshot’s announcement will be posted here.

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Just in time for tonight, Feren OS January 2020 Snapshot has just been released with a bunch of improvements! https://medium.com/feren-os/feren-os-january-2020-snapshot-is-here-ade7b9fc7054

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So my critical quick opinion after checking another Plasma5 distro in VM:
If you boot from ISO, hit -> change language - first two options are NOT translated.

In Oracle VirtualBox VM ‘Feren OS ISO’ boots to 800x600 res. and you get bigger window than screen resolution. You can’t change resolution from systemsettings5 or with “xrandr” terminal command because of a bug:
(you can change virtual graphics controller from ‘VMWARE’ to something else but then you loose “3D” option)
This is important bug, hits so many people on different distros and… is ignored by KDE devs.

You’ve chosen mintUpdate which has weird bug (probably Gtk specific) - during update sometimes small window pops up with info about file overwrite and then in this window you can click to see file differencies. But there is a problem with size of a field showing file contents - only two lines and can’t increase so it’s practically useless.

You’re using Qt5.13.2 and lightdm instead od SDDM but there is also this bug:

During running mintUpdate if you log out and click Power icon in up-right screen corner to shutdown then you get confirmation question but without big [Restart] and [Turn off] buttons.

In systemsettings5 - user settings you can’t change auto-login for a user because of this bug
Jesus - this is over FIVE years old bug - what the hell they are (NOT) doing out there?!

also https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=414396

There is a problem with Oxygen widget style - if you have already selected this style and then go to its option, adjust scrollbar width, close settings windows then [Apply] button is not activated. You must again select Oxygen from the list and [Apply] button is active.

So, your distro suffers from many KDE specific bugs and worse, these bugs are unresolved for so long period of time; maybe “classic” Cinnamon is more polished and better choice…

When taking the Feren_OS spin around the block, I couldn’t help but notice all the design considerations that make for an incredible desktop experience. This is by review as an openly biased openSUSE user.

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