Fedora users, Really?

OK, I decided that I should look again at an RPM (shudder - rpm hell still haunts my dream) distro so I downloaded the Xfce spin of Fedora 30 (yes, the Xfce spin, I’m not walking that far from comfort as to go Gnome).

Arrghhh, my eyes, my eyes - what the hell is with that wallpaper?

Ignoring the wallpaper (almost impossible as there don’t seem to ge any alternatives), I’m not a fan of the installer, it confuses me, it made me anxious about crapping on other partitions, and finally did crap all over the grub settings on the /dev/sda drive (I was installing it on /dev/sdb7). Luckily the MX-18 USB drive was there and the MX tools soon reinstalled a working grub.

Now running it’s not too bad (apart from the wallpaper - I’m seriously going to have to replace that), if I just think “dnf” rather than “apt” I can get all my application, and not having to “apt update && apt upgrade” but just “dnf upgrade” saves a bit of typing.

OK, I’ve only had it on my SSD for a couple of hours and it seems better than the Fedora I remember, time will tell…

… but that wallpaper…

EDIT: This was prompted by paranoia and the “If Your Distro Suddenly Disappeared” thread, I thought having just Arch based as an alternative was too limiting :grinning:

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I don’t know about Fedora XFCE, but Fedora has other wallpapers available. The Fedora Spins have always been second-class citizens in regards to parity and testing, so you may just not get everything you want from it.

I do wonder why the Fedora spins never took off like the Ubuntu flavors have.

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Well, I like Xfce so I went with it. I will look at what else I can find in free wallpapers, preferably one with Fedora branding. Not chucking a couple of extras into the iso is just being stingy.

Other than that it runs fine, all the things I expect and want to do just work, so it’s usable. Today, we really are spoiled for choice in terms of decent, working, distros, very different from the 1990s when I first dabbled, and even 2003 when I evicted all forms of Windows from my personal machines. Today we seem to complain and quibble over what, back then, would have niggles and trivia, (of course not all distros have come so far, or some may have regressed).

I think most of the *Buntus had a community around them before they were adopted into the family. Maybe the *Doras have less of a community? I don’t know. It works fine, better than I remember Fedora working for me anyway… it’s just that wallpaper, I hate it (a small fix I know), but if they weren’t stingy, or felt like Apple forcing their vision on people, they could have chucked a couple of alternatives into the iso

I did a full review of Fedora 30 on Distrohoppers Digest Ep2 and agree with you on the installer, if they fix that I could see a lot of folk finding it a very usable Distro, although for New users having to Upgrade every 13 months or so might be a little much but for those who change Distro’s as often as their socks it’s well worth a look :smile:

Whoa, you mean you change your socks every 13 months? I’ve got some 4 or 5 years old…

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I’ll have a listen, I’ve added the RSS to my QuiteRSS to remind me

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Right, I’ve got a wallpaper I can live with and I’m getting on OK. I’ve got Xfce configured my way, (got rid of the 2nd panel).

I’m currently listening to a DistroHoppers podcast.

Hardware : Thinkpad T430

  1. 1600 x 900 screen,
  2. i5-3320 and Intel graphics,
  3. 8GB RAM,
  4. 2 SSDs (both SATA 3)
  • /dev/sda 256GB Crucial with MX-18, and
  • /dev/sdb a 480GB Vaseky partioned 3 ways Debian 10, ArcoLinux and Fedora 30

I will say that I mostly agree with the spins being second-class citizens but whoever maintains the Cinnamon version does a great job. It looks perfect IMO (minus the wallpaper I suppose).

So you don’t like the wallpaper either? it’s not just me?

I’ve never run any spins but I ran fedora 30 on a Dell Inspiron for a while and it did its job pretty well. I’m more of a twm guy but the Gnome implementation on Fedora is great I quite liked it after a few tweaks it was snappy and nice.
This thing of a wallpaper is a major annoyance though! Who could think to put this as default? But otherwise it’s really a great OS

You should expect XFCE to look bad, and I will discuss EVERYTHING.

Installation: I dont like Anaconda much, but it will do. It’s not as intuitive as Ubiquity.

First look: The background seems a little annoying, but if you like looking at DNA like pictures, check the Fedora 29 background.

I know that is annoying but all spins/labs have it. So, oof.

Now the themes-god does it look ugly. Numix and Arc themes can take care of that. Again, everyone type of Fedora has it.

And DNF and RPM vs. APT and DPKG … Oh my god…

DNF and RPM unfortunately is 3/4 times slower than apt and dpkg. It takes a long time, maybe even forever. However before saying you want to install something by checking the database, it runs a dnf update command, so that is the only useful thing.

Keep in mind-Fedora is one of those “just a distro” distro’s with no special purpose unless you count the Labs, which all serve a purpose. (The spins dont, because they are just desktops and views and the way its used.)

I don’t think Xfce looks ugly, simply functional and businesslike yes. It’s the wallpaper that’s ugly

Now you mention it, it did seem slow, but you do get to see stuff happening on the screen to distract you. I’m less impressed with their rip-off of Synaptic, but I want to play more to be sure.

The basic distro is sound as I would expect and perfectly usable, given time to get acquainted with it’s particular foibles they’d become features and not a problem.

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just on the XFCE looks ugly debate,

I think that looking at DE like XFCE from the stand point of is it beautiful ? Is a wrong starting postulate. XFCE / LXQT … even MATE or Cinnamon are not build to be pretty or beautiful they are build to be classic efficient DE for people who just want things to be where they are supposed to be.
Most of these DEs can be tweak to look “beautiful” but still judging them on that criteria is I think wrong.

As a Fedora user, let me address a few of these points:

It’s a wallpaper, just change it if it’s not to your liking. No default wallpaper will please 100% of people.

I can understand how some of the “quick install options” might be confusing to some folks that are attempting to install Fedora alongside another distribution or Windows, but in those cases it’s really better to just go with a custom partitioning scheme anyway (so you know what’s going where). A quick google will even direct you to their wiki where they have listed some suggested partitions and sizes for them. Once you have the partitions defined, the installation will use those.

With regard to dnf being “slow”, this assertion can usually be attributed to a few different issues:

  1. In apt, update and upgrade are two separate commands. Not having to use both of them in Fedora is nice, but it means that Fedora updates the package cache every time you update–meaning you have to wait for it to do that, but this means you always get the latest packages.
  2. I believe dnf is setup to only use a small number of parallel downloads by default, so try setting max_parallel_downloads a little higher in your /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
  3. Add the fastestmirror=true setting to /etc/dnf/dnf.conf. This will ensure you are always using the fastest mirror when updating. I don’t know why this isn’t enabled by default.

It’s also written in Python, which may be a contributing factor, but I think that’s a cop-out. The main reason I really like dnf is because I can easily undo updates that have caused me problems very simply:

Will list all package transactions with corresponding IDs. Simply select one of the IDs you want to undo and then run the following:

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the only other distribution that is this easy to revert changes on is OpenSUSE.

All in all, it’s solid and has really recent packages. When you combine that with DNF, it’s probably my favorite distribution.


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The real reason I don’t like it is the contrast is not very good IMO. It easily obscures anything on the desktop and it also doesn’t act as a quiet enough background to open applications, if that makes any sense.

Two things:

a. I believe that the former rpm hell was solved, no pun, when fedora incorporated libsolv as dnf’s dependency resolver. That’s above my pay grade, but I am given to understand that this was originally created for zypper by the opensuse team.

b. Fedora does come with some choices of wallpaper. I agree the default is not great, it makes my head spin like an old psychotropic movie from the sixties or seventies. Take a look at some here, these should be on your fedora install, I think:


I would have, if there had been alternatives on offer, but there weren’t any, I had to go looking for a “non-busy” one that didn’t distract and annoy me. As Eric says it obscures anything on the desktop - not much in my case, I know some people hate having things (icons) on the desktop, I don’t have much, just Home, Wastebasket and the icons for USB drives and partitions with other distros. I could live without those on the desktop but I’m used to them being there and use them a fair bit and the one and only offered out of the box wallpaper annoys me and obscures those icons.

Yes, it’s a good distro otherwise, I don’t think it’s inherently better or worse than many other distros (for me), but I will comment on what I thought and found about this and any other distro I try.

But not out of the box (in the case of the Xfce spin anyway). Thanks for the link, but I found one I like, it’s fairly bland and non-intrusive, it’s a nice blue (Fedora colour?) that I find easy to live with. I can’t stand most photo or artsy wallpapers, that’s just me and the way my weird brain works. I don’t spend a whole lot of time looking at wallpapers, but I don’t want them to assault me when the desktop is bare.