Fedora 31 Distribution Challenge

So first time Fedora user here. Thanks to Eric and some other folk’s advise on the telegram group, I now can watch youtube videos on my Fedora 31 install. That was more work than it needed to be IMO, but ok whatever. I’m kind of digging Gnome, but i routinely accidentally bring up the “expose” task switcher view.

So far most other things I’ve tried work ok, but I’ve yet to get zoom working. Whether the flatpak or the rpm from zoom, when I try to connect to a meeting and click the “test audio” link, the settings window pops up, but nothing is in it (empty window with “Settings” in the title bar. If anyone has any suggestions for that, please let me know.

Also oddly, I cannot boot Fedora from another distro’s grub (wayland doesn’t start, I think). So I’ve been using UEFI switching to boot fedora’s grub. That’s fine, Fedora doesn’t necessarily have to work with other system’s boot loaders, just throwing that out there in case someone else runs into the problem. UEFI really is easier for a lot of things.

I also cannot boot the “rescue” option presented in the Fedora boot menu. I get a “you must load a kernel first” message. which seems like something the boot entry should be doing I think, if its a “rescue” type entry.

All my devices work OOTB, even the webcam, under wayland. So that’s nice. I haven’t tried screencapture or anything. “Software” is easy enough to navigate, and I picked up enough “dnf” commands get packages installed and removed ok, so that wasn’t too tough.

more later.

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So, just a small recommendation, if you have to rescue a system, there is this really neat tool from a project called antiX. Not sure if you’ve heard of it. :wink:

I am going with Plasma for my Desktop. I am kind of GNOME fatigued and I really want to see how Fedora would be for a drop in replacement of a Plasma system.

what’s good for screen capture on wayland? I usually use simplescreenrecorder on X.

Well… I tend to not use Wayland…

This is my review as a biased openSUSE Tumbleweed user.

Bottom Line Up Front. Fedora is a nearly perfect [for me] distribution that is architecturally and fundamentally sound from the base upward. It is themed just enough, out of the box, to not annoy me with any irritating impositions. It really feels like I have been given keys to a fantastic house, albeit a bit spartan, waiting for me to make it my own. Technically speaking, there is nothing I dislike about Fedora. I could get along just fine in Fedora-land but openSUSE land edges out for me with the Tumbleweed convenience and the broader hardware support.

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If you find yourself accidentally bringing up the task switcher by moving your mouse to the upper left corner, there exists a gnome-extension called No hot corners. It will disable that feature.