Fedora 30 Help

Kevin put up a how-to for Silverblue, but what I want to do with this is to help with the standard version of Fedora. Red Hat does some odd directory placement as compared to Ubuntu or openSUSE. How do I get a different DE other than GNOME installed? What’s up with the MANPATH values? This is intended to get through the idiosyncrasies.

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Fedora uses /etc/man_db.conf vice $MANPATH
You can also see the values using manpath -g


You could also checkout the official spins: https://spins.fedoraproject.org/

And for updated ISOs:

Well are you changing from Gnome, or wanting to install another DE than Gnome to begin with? Because you can download Xfce and Plasma editions from the official homepage.

edit: The spins you can download from their page ( https://spins.fedoraproject.org ) are:
Mate with Compiz preconfigured

Nothing to do with DEs. This is system in general. Like the post above shows, Fedora does the MANPATH system variable in a different way than most distros.

If you want to find the /var/log/message file to see the system log, you won’t find it. You will need to use journalctl instead. This allows for searching, the -f follows the log, and a whole host of other commands.