Fedora 30 Help

Kevin put up a how-to for Silverblue, but what I want to do with this is to help with the standard version of Fedora. Red Hat does some odd directory placement as compared to Ubuntu or openSUSE. How do I get a different DE other than GNOME installed? What’s up with the MANPATH values? This is intended to get through the idiosyncrasies.

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Fedora uses /etc/man_db.conf vice $MANPATH
You can also see the values using manpath -g


You could also checkout the official spins: https://spins.fedoraproject.org/

And for updated ISOs:

On the matter of installing different Desktop Environments than the default gnome, here’s how I do it. I don’t run Fedora as a daily driver, but I like the distro a lot, and play with it frequently.

From the terminal, type this:

dnf grouplist -v

That will give you a list of installed groups, available groups, and also installed environments and available environments. So if you wanted to install the mate desktop, just for example, you would find it in the list and type, as root, or using sudo:

dnf groupinstall mate-desktop-environment (or whatever the official group name showed in the list command above). That’s all.

A “pro tip”. If you add the word “hidden” to the grouplist command:

dnf grouplist -v hidden

You get a much longer list of package groups, for some reason. So I always start without “hidden”, do what I want, then use “hidden” to see if there’s any bonus stuff I need or want, too.

Also, the reason you use the -v flag is that if you do not, you get a list of groups, but not with the names you need to use to install them, more just generic names. I don’t know why fedora doesn’t just make the original list do that, but as long as you know to use -v, it’s okay.

If you want to install a different desktop environment from the beginning, you can use the fedora netinstall iso. That lets you pick among several popular environments in the software selection. However, unfortunately, unlike debian and opensuse, to pick two examples, you can only pick one DE in that fedora netinstaller. Still, at least you can choose. But if you just do it on the command line as I describe above, after installing, you can install as many as you like.

Unlike some folks here, I LIKE installing multiple desktops, because each offers me things I sometimes use in my–NOT WORKFLOW, I’m with Zeb on that term, lol–user experiences for various tasks. Unlike some here, I have not had any problem keeping the desktop installs from interfering with one another, though Ubuntu was a hard challenge in that regard, one of many reasons it is not a distro I choose to use.

I hope some of this helps. If you wanted a gui solution, I’m sorry. I have never found dnfdragora, the frontend to dnf, to be very good at group environments. Maybe someone else here can help with that.

Well are you changing from Gnome, or wanting to install another DE than Gnome to begin with? Because you can download Xfce and Plasma editions from the official homepage.

edit: The spins you can download from their page ( https://spins.fedoraproject.org ) are:
Mate with Compiz preconfigured