Thanks Eric for setting this up!

Guess I’ll start with talking about my home lab:

Currently I have several servers in my lab. They range from actual servers to desktop PC’s running as servers. They are:

Dell R710 with 48gigs of ram an 2 TB of SAS 10000K Drives. This is a VM host for various projects that I want to play around with. I can spin up distro’s or other servers to play with.

Dell R210 mkII - 16 gigs of ram and two 500 gig SSD’s. Currently running XCP-ng hypervisor. I have it running a couple RHEL 8 servers so I can learn more about RHEL Satellite and Ansible Tower

I have three Zatac mini PC’s running Ubuntu server doing various things. One is a Unifi Controller for my Unifi network gear (POE Switches and AP’s). One server is running apache, Grafana and other network monitoring tools to play with. The last server is a general catch all (PC back up, device backup, media server etc)

I have a PC with 4, 4 TB drives running FreeNas

And finally a PC running pFsense routing software. This is my home router (1 of 3) and my OpenVPN tunnel into the house.

Fun stuff.

What are you guys up to?

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my current server setup is couple of VMs on my laptop becuase sadly all my old servers all broke :frowning: and because im always on the move nowdays

I’ve gotten lazy when it comes to home servers. I have a Synology NAS that keeps chugging along and don’t really have much need beyond a file server. Most of what I do with servers is in the cloud and related to hosting websites. I have about a dozen instances spread among Vultr, DO and UpCloud. I used to spin up local systems to test things but honestly, it’s so cheap and easy to use DO that I do that most of the time now. I guess that’s the trap of convenience.

Yea but for that you need credit card which is a problem to have in some places if you are not fully employed

I also have a AWS Lightsail instance to play with. Might be moving to upcloud to support our favorite Linux dude…

again credit card required for AWS and that means i cant use it LOL same with GCP same with Azure

I found a Dell Optiplex without an OS comes with 8 GB ram and 500 GB HDD, i5 3rd gen processor for 109 plus shipping. Runs great as a Desktop but might make a good server too!

I currently have

  • Dell Optiplex with i5 fith gen 12gb ram 1Tb Kingston sdd : home media server just serves all the house’s screens with kodi and our streams and local movies and music

  • 1920x + 32gb ram + 2x2Tb 970 evo : runs VMs for my little projects + a gaming vm for the kids + retroarch + pihole
    The second ssd holds all my work related documents / movies / audios … and is accessible through a vpn so no more flash drive carrying and mistaking …

  • A bunch of raspberry pis for Rune Audio / baby monitor /

  • And a Linode nano for my nextcloud server.

@jdu I’d like to jump on the pFsense train but haven’t got the time yet. Tried to virtualize it about a year ago but dropped the project quickly because I had other things to do and never got back to it.