Eric Adams XPS 15 Video

Last night I watched Eric Adams Video, Linux on the Dell XPS 15 9570 - Long-Term Review (by the way, I loved the intro music) and it made me reminisce back to my first “box” computer. It was an HP that I bought at Sears back in 1996 with Windows 95 on it. It had 4mb of memory and a 4gb hard drive. It totally blew away my first work computer, a Macintosh that you could back up on a 5.25 floppy if I remember correctly. I later bought a scanner, then added memory to 8mb and got enough memory that if I tried to scan something at too high a setting I got a ‘Not Enough Memory’ screen, instead of the computer just freezing up.

Again as always, thanks for the video and ‘Thanks For The Memories’ (queue Dean Martin).

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Glad you liked the video! I’ve had quite a history with Dell, stretching back to the late 90s. I got my first desktop just before I went to tech school. I’ve built all my desktop PCs since then but have had probably 6 Dell laptops from the various lines, mostly Inspirons. I have run Linux on all of them and, other than wireless drivers, haven’t had many problems. Dell just always seems to meet the requirements of price for performance, longevity and compatibility, more so than other manufacturers. I also used quite a few Thinkpads for work during that same time and they are also absolute tanks, although never quite as performant as my Dells. Granted, they were often hand me downs so I can’t say it was always a 1:1 comparison.

Only bad part of video was that it wasn’t a Thinkpad :partying_face::panda_face::avocado:

Funny you should mention it. Bryan from Endeavour posted a comment on YouTube about Thinkpads which made me remember that my first choice was actually the Thinkpad X1 Extreme. I ended up cancelling the order because it was going to take 7 weeks to ship. I hadn’t paid attention when I ordered it and realized after the fact. The shipping seems to be quicker now for what it’s worth. It was also about $1,000 more for essentially the same specs. The XPS just ended up being the best balance of all the things I was looking for in the end.

As much as I love the Thinkpads I’m not sure I would get one of their current new offerings.