Episode 8 - Colin Brash

Originally published at: https://bigdaddylinux.com/video/episode-8-colin-brash/

This episode features Colin Brash. Besides being a husband and father of two, Colin is a long time Linux user who got into computers when he was given a 486 PC many years ago. After having some issues, he asked for help and was given some Linux CDs. He tried it and his tinkerer tendencies…


I have to say I am really enjoying these if for no other reason than to learn more about the person and their background. It’s also interesting to see some common patterns. The one in particular I’m thinking of is the starts and stops where someone discovers Linux, is interested but can’t quite make the switch. Then at some point they come back and try again and eventually it sticks.

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Colin has a really weird accent! :wink:

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Now who’s talking…:rofl::joy::rofl: