Episode 15 - Sean Davis

In this episode Sean Davis joins Rocco on Linux Spotight.

Sean is the Xubuntu Technical Lead as well as being a core developer for Xfce and a maintainer for programs such as MenuLibre, Catfish and Parole Media Player and whole host of others as well. We talk about those things but the best part is learning about his Journey into Linux.

Tune in and find out more about Sean.

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Another great interview with a stalwart of our community, thanks @BigDaddyLinux

Thank you Tony, Sean has always been a great guy in the Linux community

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I have enjoyed the Linux Spotlight shows, and I enjoy every time Sean is interviewed. He is such a humble but talented programmer. I can’t imagine the hours that he and the team put into moving XFCE to GTK 3.0. His description of the process sounded like hours and hours of work. No wonder it took over 4 years of volunteer time. What an amazing achievement!


One of the big takeaways that folks should get from talks like this is how small many of these projects that put out this great software actually are and how many hours get put in to making the programs we all use.