Episode 14 - Barbara Harris

In this episode Barbara Harris joins Rocco on Linux Spotight.

Barbara brings a very unique perspective when talking about Linux because of her career path and the fact that she comes from the education sector and that plays a role in her views of Linux. Barb who is one of the most down-to-earth people to talk to which makes this conversation so enjoyable

There might even be cats! Maybe a mention of the great Ubuntu MATE.
Who knows, tune in and learn more about Barbara.

Handknits By Barbara


Great episode, I watched for her cats…

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It never takes long for any one of them to show up. They know when I’m a captive audience and take advantage. That is what every good cat does. :slight_smile:


I listened to the podcast first but had to watch as well just to see the cat’s :grin:

Yeah, they have a 6th (or is it their 7th or 8th) sense about chances to “help”. They are also good with cameras, often posing nicely until the second you squeese the shutter… the number of times I’ve ended up with what a friend and fellow camera jockey calls “the pencil sharpener” view of the nicely posed cat walking away…

As an aside to the cat discussion. This was a great chat.

If you haven’t listened to it yet you are wrong!

I really enjoyed this episode, not JUST because of the nice things you said about me. I was rather entertained by the fact you “cheated” in school using these computer things. :slight_smile:

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