Episode 10 - Conor Murphy

In this episode we hit double digits! Conor Murphy joins Rocco to discuss his introduction to Linux and his involvement with the Linux Lads Podcast and the Dublin Linux Community User Group.

Linux Lads Podcast


Great Episode and looking forward to having a Pint (or two) with Conor at OGG Camp :rofl:


Agreed, it was a good episode and I like the Linux Lads podcasts as well, they have an interesting twist on the usual Linux podcast format

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Biggest question is if there will be enough pints to go around for that crowd :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I am jealous or anything

I am just a social drniker drnkr drinkre

woteva Hic!! :rofl:

This was an excellent episode! I love hearing about the lives of folks in BDLL and their history with computers and Linux. This episode turned me on to Linux Lads podcast, too, so it’s now in my feed. Thanks to both of you.